'Red Bull Racing trip'
10 + 11 April 2017

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Please note: the target audience for this event are European CIOs, IT directors and board members responsible for IT or related matters. The event is free of charge if you are personally invited by ICT Media or one of its partners. For compliancy reasons we ask a small contribution for the flight and the hotel stay (max 275 euro in total).

If you have doubts whether you qualify, please send a message before registering (events@ictmedia.nl). If you belong to our target audience but you don’t have a personal invitation, the attendance fee is 1,990 euro per person.    

Do you wish to attend this event and work at, for, or on behalf of a vendor, intermediary or consultancy and our audience is your target group? Then the cost for attending is 3,990 euro per person (unless you work for one of the event’s sponsors). 

Cancellation is not possible, but on request someone else may come in your place. We reserve the right to deny access to participants (but rest assured, we cannot remember the last time this happened). By completing your registration for this event you grant us (ICT Media) the right to send you relevant information about events and products in the future (we won’t spam you and you can opt out anytime).

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See you in Milton Keynes, 10-11 April 2017
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