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Registration for the EuroCIO Summer Summit – 27 June, Amsterdam
This event is organised exclusively for CxOs and will start in the afternoon of 26 June (on invitation only). Meals, beverages and hotel accommodation are free of charge for CIOs, IT directors, board members responsible for IT, academics and representatives of EU institutions or when you are invited by ICT Media, the European CIO Association (EuroCIO) or any of its partners.

If you are not associated with any of the aforementioned parties, a registration fee of €1990 will be charged per attendee. If you have any doubts whether you qualify, please send Joelle van Pelt a message before registering (
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Please note: The target audience for this event are European CIOs, IT directors and board members responsible for IT or related matters. The event is free of charge if you are personally invited by EuroCIO, ICT Media, or one of their partners. 

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